• WP8: Exploitation

    WP Leader: T6 ECO

    WP8 is aimed to assure a successful commercial uptake of the project results and of the developed system after the project end. To do so, it is necessary to fully understand the market forces acting on and within the system, to develop individual plans that match the strengths and weaknesses of the individual partner to the opportunities and threats of the environment, and to spread the results of the research to other potential actors in the business scenario, particularly the end users and information providers.

    The results of a study of the market environment will feed into the rest of the project through enhanced understanding of the problem space. Later, the analysis of the economic forces acting on each actor of the business scenario will highlight potential strengths and weaknesses in the relationships between actors – analysis that can be used for the improvement of the system as a whole.

    The MARKOS consortium will forge a specific exploitation plan, containing individual exploitation strategies of how to plan to capitalize on the projects achievements.

    The main objectives of WP8 are the following:

    • To gather clear, up to date and comprehensive information relating to the market
    • To analyze from a business perspective the interactions between actors in the scenario, deriving a value chain and comparing the objectives of each actor, to improve the harmony inter-relationships
    • To monitor the work undertaken in other work packages, in order to collect information and data necessary for drafting short reports, articles and other means of information dissemination.
    • To share the best practices of the project
    • To develop individual strategies to create value from the project results.