• Prototype

    MARKOS project is now coming to an end, its system is in the final development phase and you have now the opportunity to try the Final MARKOS Prototype with all completed features.

    The Final MARKOS Prototype is now available at http://demo.markosproject.eu/.

    Test it and provide feedback!


    To start testing MARKOS you just need a web browser. We are looking forward to receiving your comments either by completing a survey or dropping us a message through the “Give us Feedback” link included in the Demo.

    Need support?

    Read user documentation and watch video tutorial:

    For more see MARKOS deliverables and MARKOS project at SourceForge.



    MARKOS is an open source tool with a Web-based interface to inspect the code structure and possible license issues of Open Source Software available on public forges. MARKOS is based on source code lightweight fact extraction, heuristics to identify software dependencies, and automatic legal reasoning to identify license issues.

     The Final MARKOS prototype supports the following key features:

    • Indexing and analysis of 1540 Java, JavaScript and HTML OSS projects (for a total of 3 885 releases) available on forges such as Apache, SourceForge and GitHub. All descriptions are stored in a semantic format (RDF), that allows to automatically infer additional data.
    • Easy searching for specific components based on their type, programming language, keywords and on different kind of license compatibility constraints; as well as smart syntax for more advanced users and queries
    • Browsing and navigating of source code and dependencies across projects using an IDE-like web user interface; for example, to follow the inheritance hierarchy across classes defined by different projects, to find projects that implements a specific API, to discover the provenance of a library and source code files.
    • Coarse automatic license analyses, to quickly work out whether a project risks infringing the license of copied code or used libraries.
    • Detailed analysis of license compatibility issues, providing developers and lawyers with tools for creating arguments from semantic models of copyright law, as well as visualizing these arguments using argument maps.
    • Notification: downstream – allowing a user to subscribe to specific events about a particular project – and upstream – allowing users to submit patches to a software release, and the project manager to be notified about the availability of the new patches
    • A linked data API that allows expert users and third-party applications to get RDF descriptions and to perform complex SPARQL queries for searching code information via MARKOS.

    As the prototype is a result of a research project, not a primetime product, the number of analyzed forges and projects cannot be huge and not all kind of data are available for all the projects. We do not ask you to evaluate the completeness of the information provided by the MARKOS prototype, but the utility of the offered features.