• Expected Impacts

    MARKOS Architecture 2014The MARKOS system itself will be an Open Source Software, which, thanks to the offered functionalities, is expected to facilitate software development based on the Open Source paradigm in a global context.

    The MARKOS project is expected to give a considerable contribution in terms of:

    • Enabling software developers to use an intuitive and advanced searching platform with an advanced service front-end allowing the easy identification of the more suitable Open Source solutions needed.
    • Providing the analysis of code dependencies, software structures, and potential license infringements at a global level instead than single projects;
    • Facilitating the publication of the description of Open Source software as Linked Data and the production of new tools for software analysis and development that leverage this semantic data.
    • Allowing a faster adoption and integration of Open Source components and libraries, removing the issues related to licensing incompatibility;
    • Strengthening the European community of Open Source developers as it will increase quality of Open Source software, reducing time to market/use and establishing a proofed path to integrate Open Source components among them and without the risks linked to complex and incompatible licensing schemata.