• MARKOS project meets Richard Stallman

    by  • May 29, 2013 • News

    The last 8 of May, the MARKOS Project objectives and its first findings have been presented within the Conference organized by the University of Sannio (UNISANNIO) “Free Software and your Freedom, GNU/Linux and free contents, between philosophy and practical applications.”

    The event was opened by a speech given by Richard B. Stallman, founder of the GNU software foundation, inventor of the GNU Public License, and author of widely used programs such as the GNU utilities and the GNU Emacs editor.

    During the event, Francesco Torelli (Engineering) has presented the main features of MARKOS, illustrating how the framework can be useful in various software development scenarios. After that, Massimiliano Di Penta (Unisannio) explained the source code analysis capabilities provided by MARKOS, outlined changes in open source licenses can affect the success of a project, and discussed how licensing can be analyzed and assessed.